• General Communication
    Do you have a website with more information on your products?

    We have different brand sites, and you can find more information on www.kelsen.com under Brands.

    Do you have Facebook site?

    Royal Dansk has a Facebook site, where you can search for information about the brand. Click here.

    Can I send a complaint to you?

    We take all inquiries serious and do our best to reply within a reasonable time. Without the following information we are unable to help you: Where did you buy the brand, which product does it concern, Best before date, LOT code and your personal information. Please fill in the form on our Contact page.

    I have a suggestion/idea for your company. How can I share it with you?

    We would like to hear from you. If you would like to share your experience with one of our products, please fill in the form on our Contact page.

  • Job
    How can I apply for a job in Denmark?

    You can apply for a job on our company website www.kelsen.com under Job.

  • Product & Quality
    I am allergic - can I eat your products?

    We have a wide assortment of different products. You can always read on the packaging or label to learn more about the product ingredients and allergens.

    Where do you produce your products?

    The production country is stated on the packaging. All our cookies are baked in Denmark.

    Where do I find the ‘best before date’ on your products?

    You will find the best before date on all our packaging either on the bottom or on the side. In some markets you will find the information on a label, so it can vary from market to market.

    Are our tins recyclable?

    All our tins of metal are 100 % recyclable without loss of quality and can be recycled forever.

  • Taste & Experience
    I do not like your cookies?

    We are sorry that you have had a bad experience with our cookies. Taste is individual and we always keep high focus on a consistently high quality and delicious taste in all our cookies.

    Where can I find recipes with your cookies as main ingredient?

    You can find recipes with our butter cookies on our website www.royal-dansk.com under Desserts.

    Have you changed your cookies? – they do not taste the same anymore!

    We have different assortments in our large range of Royal Dansk Cookies. The most unique and popular assortment is the classic butter cookies with 5 different cookies and shapes - the iconic Royal Dansk Blue tin, which we have baked for many years. Please take a look at our website www.royal-dansk.com, where you can find more information on our different variants.

  • Where to buy
    Where can I buy your products?

    We sell our different products and brands in many countries. Please give us exact information on the brand and product you are interested in and tell us in which country you are based. Contact us here.

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