Classic Brands

First Choice

First Choice is a delicious assortment of Danish luxury cookies to the quality and price conscious consumer.Well-known cookie shapes in combination with a delicious fork cookie to provide the range with an even more nostalgic twist.

First choice is the ideal choice for gathering the family to enjoy indulgent cookie moments together.


Royal Favourites

The new and upgraded Royal Favourites cookie brand consists of a delicate range of luxury cookies, from classic Danish cookies to appealing new flavor combinations.

With the Royal Favorites assortment, each family member can find their favorite and enjoy the delicious taste of high-quality Danish cookies.

Riberhus cookies

Riberhus is for every moment, every day. We use only the finest ingredients and once you bite into a crunchy Riberhus cookie, a universe of exciting taste sensations opens up.

To some a cookie is just a cookie. For others it’s Riberhus.


With Denmark you can offer your family and friends a uniquely fine taste. Denmark is practically part of Danish culture - a treasure we are proud to guard.

The Denmark assortment covers traditional butter cookies as well as more modern chocolate chip cookies and are baked using only ingredients of the highest quality.

With Denmark you'll find a taste for every occasion.


Copenhagen is the classic butter cookie served at coffee tables around the world

Often the coffee table is the gathering point for the entire family. A well-laid table must be a delight to the eye and a feast for the palate and to fulfil these expectations Copenhagen is the right choice. 

Copenhagen is perfect for all occasions.


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