Kelsen Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Kelsen Group we are committed to running a business that respects the environment, social and work related issues and that takes financial aspects into consideration. We observe the existing laws and the highest ethical standards.

Our CSR strategy is built on the principles of the UN Global Compact and the guidelines reflect a deliberate approach to the societal responsibility we as a company have. This approach clearly defines our overall objective to deliver products of a high quality to consumers worldwide and we are committed to being transparent in the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Since January 2019 Kelsen Group has been a member of Sedex. A four-pillar audit of our business is carried out by Sedex every three years.


Kelsen Group’s corporate social responsibility is built on:



Environmental Policy

Kelsen Group has an environmental policy in place that reflects the dedicated approach we have to the way we run our business. We have a goal-oriented focus on our carbon footprint and especially our energy and water consumption. Other priorities are waste, noise and smell reductions in relation to our surroundings. We work closely together with the local authorities to find solutions that can contribute to emission reductions. Furthermore, we are working on energy-saving steps at both our factories in Denmark.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Kelsen Group has a code of business conduct and ethics. The code is available to all employees and is an important part of our efforts to ensure a high degree of integrity. The code describes basic rules and principles that apply to all employees in their daily work. Furthermore, the code points out that we have a personal responsibility to come forward, if we become aware of any violations of the laws or the company’s ethical standards.


Supplying Policy

Kelsen Groups suppliers play an important role, when it comes to the quality of our cookies. At the same time, we want to ensure a responsible behaviour in our supply chain. Therefore, we expect all direct as well as indirect suppliers to sign our supplying policy.

It is an essential requirement that our business partners fulfill their national laws and apart from that our policy outlines guidelines within environment, safety at work, human rights and business ethics that must also be observed.

Kelsen Group has completed a four-pillar Sedex audit and we encourage our suppliers to do the same.


People Policy

Kelsen Group places great emphasis on staff conditions and we take the respect for human rights for granted. We focus on orderliness and it is our objective that the workplace is safe, healthy and motivating. One element of practising our people policy is by handing out the employee handbook to all employees before they start. An updated version of the employee handbook can always be found on Kelsen Group’s intranet together with additional policies such as smoking policy, senior policy and other policies.


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